Whether you've landed here by accident or you were pointed here by someone who's already visited, welcome.  I hope you get a chance to browse the ramblings of a BCP Volunteer (volunteering for many years, travelling with the Charity since 2017).  The original intention was to write a book, that's a work in progress right now.  What you have here is a series of diaries that were written after my trips to the Gorodishche Orphanage, Belarus.  My initial visit in 2017 was brought about as a result of listening to stories for many years that were being recounted by Joanne (my wife) and other Shannon based volunteers.

There's a natural flow through the pages of the site, you'll meet many characters once but there are some that are "the stars".

But it's not over just yet!  The final chapter (for now) is The Book.  I've been working on this (in my head) for quite some time, and now it's ready to go to print (at least online to start with).  Nature or Nurture, Circumstance and Timing; what if things had been different for our Children of Gorodishche - who (and where) might they be now?